The Housing Initiatives Department assists families to qualify to become homeowners and assist current homeowners with counseling on ways to maintain their homes. The Housing Initiatives program at Bell-Whitley CAA was developed in response to community need for “safe, affordable housing”. Through our Housing program, many single family dwellings have been built or purchased and numerous homes have been saved from foreclosure. 

Our Housing Initiatives program is made possible through partnerships with Kentucky Housing Corporation(KHC), U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD), Housing Assistance Council(HAC), USDA/Rural Development, Affordable Housing Trust Fund(AHTF), Appalachian Regional Commission(ARC) and Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises, Inc.(FAHE)

Bell-Whitley CAA has housing counselors on staff to assist households to become mortgage ready and qualify for many housing programs. Workshops on “Yes You Can…Own a Home” are held on a regular basis.

For more information on Bell-Whitley CAA Housing Initiatives contact us at 606-337-3044 (Bell County) 606-549-3933(Whitley County) or stop by your nearest Bell-Whitley office.


  • Repair Affair - Bell-Whitley CAA organizes and sponsors this event. Repair Affair is a one day event to fix or to spruce up homes of the elderly and/or person with disabilities who need a little help to maintain their homes. This all volunteer event is accomplished by people of all ages with varied skills. You can volunteer for the day and/or help by giving a tax deductible contribution of cash or materials. For more information on volunteering, making a tax deductible contribution of cash or materials, or to find out if you qualify for Repair Affair, contact Joshua Mills at the Pineville office for Bell County and Charles Lester at the Williamsburg office for Whitley County.
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  • Homeownership Counseling - Bell-Whitley CAA seeks to assist perspective homeowners prepare for the purchase of a home through Homeownership Counseling program. By successfully completing the counseling program you will be better able to develop a budget and save for unexpected expenses, manage credit and understand how credit affects a mortgage loan, understand debt ratio, know what to expect at a loan closing, meet the ongoing financial obligations of homeownership, and basic home maintenance issues
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  • Foreclosure Intervention & Default Counseling - Geared for those homeowners in eminent danger of loan default or experiencing financial difficulties. Counselor provides assistance to develop financial and credit rebuilding plans that work to increase the homeowner’s knowledge and helps them make wiser financial decisions. In addition to providing assistance with the preparation and negotiation of any loss mitigation options the participant selects (loan modification, repayment plan, Making Home Affordable Program, etc.)
  • Homebuyer/New Construction - Bell-Whitley CAA Homebuyer seeks to help low-income households reach the American Dream of homeownership by continually seeking funds to assist in down payments, closing costs, and gap financing. Homebuyers will normally have two mortgages; the first mortgage through a local lender and a second mortgage to assist in gap financing through Bell-Whitley CAA, Inc. To qualify for the Homebuyer program, participants must meet income guidelines, have a fixed income (wages, SSI, Social Security, etc.), be willing to make a monthly mortgage payment, attend homeownership counseling sessions to deal with credit issues, budgeting, home maintenance, and meet other criteria relevant to funding sources.
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  • Homebuyer/Purchase Pre-Existing - JustChoice Lending (JCL) is a socially responsible mortgage lender that matches clients to the loan that is right for them. JustChoice Lending offers rates that are competitive with mainstream lenders and provides clients with the service and attention of a trusted partner. We serve people of all income levels, but unlike many lenders, we also have the resources, experience, and know-how to work with people from lower-income backgrounds. In addition, no matter the income level, we also help clients with less-than-stellar credit improve their scores so they can find the home of their dreams.
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  • Unemployment Bridge Program (UBP) - The Kentucky Unemployment Bridge Program (UBP) is a forgivable loan option for eligible applicants to assist them in making their mortgage payments.  To be eligible, the applicant must have experienced a loss of income due to unemployment or a reduction in income due to substantial underemployment or a qualifying disability within the previous three-year window. The UBP is not for job or income loss due to divorce, death, or short-term disability. The qualifying event must have occurred within the three-year period prior to date of application.
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  For more information on Bell-Whitley CAA Housing Initiatives contact us, at 606-337-3044 or stop by your nearest Bell-Whitley office.


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