Eastern Kentucky's JobSight brings more than a dozen state and federal employment and training programs together under one roof to meet the needs of eastern Kentucky's job seekers and employers. Whether you're looking for a job, a better job, or the training that will help you compete in today's workforce, JobSight has what you need to meet all of your career goals, all in one place, all for free. JobSight is only available in Bell County.

For Job Seekers

Services for job seekers include: job placement, career planning, skills assessment, vocational rehabilitation, G.E.D. courses, education and training information, student financial assistance, on-the-job training, assistance for older workers, and unemployment insurance. Each JobSight center includes a Career Resource Center where job seekers can prepare a resume, get information about labor markets and in-demand jobs, access the internet to look for jobs, and use our collection of instructional books and videos on topics that range from successful job interview techniques to time management.

For Employers

Services for employers include: help with finding and testing job applicants; research on the local labor pool or economy; facilities for interviewing applicants; and help with developing customized or on-the-job training programs. All JobSight services are free.

For more information on Eastern Kentucky's JobSight Program contact us at        606-337-3044 or stop by the Bell-Whitley office located in Pineville.

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